baby stuff for baby Z

20 08 2011

Baby Z (my new nephew) will be arriving in September and I have been working on stuff for his nursery all summer.  My mom took the stuff out to my sister so I think it’s safe to post all of this now.  She chose the monkey fabric from JoAnn’s and I supplemented with other fabrics.  I wasn’t super enthusiastic about it to begin with because the colors are so light and honestly the coordinating fabric was hard to find as well because the colors were hard to match.  In the end, I fell in love with it and hope my sister likes it too.  I will post pics of the stuff in the nursery when she sends them to me.  In her package she received a 12 x 12 x 10 basket for diapers and later toys, a quilt, bumper pad, 3-43 x 43 receiving blankets, 5 initial burps, 1 name burp, and a canvas sign for his wall. I will be working on some bibs for him made out of recycled t-shirts because I think they’re super cute!

The quilt pattern came from moda with the idea of just using one row coming from The Absolute Luckiest blog.  The blog is amazing and I love to get ideas from her.  I knew when I saw her quilt it would be perfect and I’m not disappointed at all.

Thanks T2 for holding the quilt for me 🙂

The bumper pad came from a collection of websites but I mostly referenced the tutorial at Vanilla Joy. I used ribbon instead of bias tape because I had seen it on several other sites and liked how it looked.

The rest is all mine.  The basket is a pattern I came up with and I already make the other stuff and sell in my smaller gift baskets.

I modpodged some fabric to canvas and then cut the z out of vinyl on my silhouette.  I might have her bring it back at Thanksgiving and modpodge fabric on it instead of the vinyl.  I’m still not satisfied with it.

I hope to hear from her after the shower today to see if she likes everything and to see if the bumper pad actually fits.  It hard to make one with out an actual crib to work with.  Most of all, I can’t wait to hold and spoil baby z when he gets here!

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4 responses

20 08 2011

Adorable! The quilt is so cute, I think your sister will love all the accessories too.

22 08 2011
Amy C

Very cute quilt!! LOVE it!

28 08 2011

I love the basket you made! (And your site too…) Do you have a tutorial posted, or for sell for it.

28 08 2011

I don’t have a tutorial posted yet. I came up with that basket for my sister. I can work on a tutorial and get it posted soon. I have someone who would like to order one and I can put the tutorial together when I make it. If you subscribe to my blog or Tolen Family Fun on twitter you will get updates when I post. Thanks.

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