Pics from Z’s room

27 08 2011

My sister sent me a couple of pics with baby Z’s stuff.  They are a little fuzzy but you can get the idea.

Do you like that bed without a mattress? 🙂Hmmmm, does she need a changing pad cover or two?  I might need to get on that!

She sent the canvas back home so I could put fabric on it instead of vinyl.  I’ll mail it to her when I get it done.  Now, we just need baby Z!

I have a “list” of weekend projects.  Of course, I’m sitting at the computer right now, NOT doing them.  Hopefully I will have some crafty goodness to share by this evening!



2 responses

27 08 2011
Angie Shrieves

Thanks Sis!! Would you like the measurements of the changing pad? It is 16x33x1.

27 08 2011


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