pillowcase stroller caddy tutorial

30 06 2010

My second entry for the Iron Crafter sheets/pillowcase challenge is a stroller caddy.  My friend needed one, they are $15 and up in price and I had an extra pillowcase from the floor pillow, SOOO I made one 🙂

You will need: 1 pillowcase, 1/2-3/4″ elastic 2 pieces cut 7″ long, 4 strips of fabric 4 x 12 in, & 4 pieces of velcro

Step 1 – Find the center of the bottom of the pillowcase.  Pin the first piece of elastic 1″ from center, 1/4″ from bottom & 1-1/2″ from outside edge. Stretch and sew the elastic in place.

Step 2- Mark 6″  and 13″ from the bottom. Fold up at the 6″ mark and again at the 13″ mark and stitch the center (not through the back layer) then top stitch the 2nd pocket.

Step 3 – Fold the back flap up under again.  You should have a the elastic pocket, another pocket and the opening to the pillowcase. turn it to the backside and fold the edges in.  Fold in far enough to catch the elastic edge without pulling it tight. Stich 1/4″, then again 1/8 in.  I top stitched the bottom layers together once the sides were done.

sorry for the bad pic

Step 4 – Make the straps

from floor pillow tut - but same concept

Step 5 – attach straps to stroller caddy at top (including the backside flap) and at the sides 2 1/2″ from the bottom.  Stitch with square and x for more support.Step 6 – Sew on velcro.  I would base the position of the velcro on your stroller.  It varies by model.

Attach to your stroller and enjoy!



3 responses

30 06 2010
Trail's Crafts

Great use for a pillowcase.

5 07 2010

Very clever and useful and cute! : )

I wanted to let you know that you made it in the top 10 Iron Crafters!


5 07 2010
Megan Berry

Thanks for including a tutorial for this super-practical, handy item! I’ve been wanting something like this but haven’t had the time to Google a pattern…thanks for saving me the trouble and for giving me a slight kick in the rear. Now I have no excuse NOT to start this project!

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