name tile and personalized pillow

29 12 2010

Our Christmas is spread out over the the week so here are a few more giftseI can show now.  The name tile was my first effort and I definitely think I will make the scrolls less detailed next time.  It didn’t turn out too bad though.  The pillow is made from a standard size pillow, cut down the long middle and then sewn.  You get two custom pillow inserts that way.  I thought it turned out pretty good too. (forgive the bad pics – Santa brought me a Silhouette, not a camera – still working with the iPhone)

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Christmas Greetings and some gifts

25 12 2010

Before we go dashing through the snow to Nana’s house, I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas.  I would share with you my cranberry punch, but a picture of it cooking will have to do. I sometimes add some orange spirits to my glass 🙂 but without, it’s kid friendly!I have already given some of the gifts below, so I thought I would go ahead and share. Have a very Merry Christmas!

Mug rug idea from Pin Sew Press.  Snowman Hershey Bars from Kerry’s Paper Crafts.

Gifts with my Silhouette

22 12 2010

Loving this machine!!! Here is the other teacher gift and some ornaments I made for students at my school. I created the box pattern on my own, t has a circle bottom for the ornament to rest in, and it cuts in a random order but still makes a great ornament box. You can download the Silhouette file for the box here and the circle base here.

My order of vinyl from Expressions Vinyl came today.  Great quality and quick shipping.  I will order from them again.

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Oh My Goodness…

17 12 2010

Ok, you would have to hear t2 say to know how funny the title of the post is 😉

The Silhouette has arrived and a new category has been added to my blog – vinyl.  This isn’t the first project since it arrived but it’s the only one I’ve taken a picture of.  This is for T4’s teacher.  I’ll show the one for T3’s teacher this weekend.  Watch out walls (and clothings and boards and ….) here I come.

I did order some vinyl from Vinyl Expressions, will let you know the experience when it arrives.

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art portfolio

12 12 2010

I traded my mom a haircut for my son for this art portfolio for her adopt-a-child.  Her girl wanted art supplies so I thought a cute portfolio to keep some of them would be nice.  I didn’t have a pattern so I winged it.  I probably could have found one, but didn’t have time to look.  I turned out ok.  I will change a few things if I make it again: use stiffer stiffy and top stitch a second row around the outside edge.  I think her girl will like it.

Thanks go to T1 for taking the pics for me….still no camera 😦  As T2 would say “sad face!”

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the marsupials

12 12 2010

I didn’t fall off the face of the earth, life just caught up with me for a bit.  I have been crafting (when I haven’t been preparing lessons and grading) and these cute little bags were my first major project for the season.  How does the saying go? Necessity breeds ingenuity (ok, not really sure about that but it’s close!) Well…my daughters were always losing their chapstick and bobby pins, so I made a little bag with pouches inside for chapstick and bobby pins.  My daughter saw me making one (they were for Christmas) and wanted 6 for her friends for their Christmas party.  What you see below is the end result.  I may get a tutorial up for this if people are interested.

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