pencil pouch

28 08 2010

I never intended to be a weekend warrior on my blog, but yet here it is, another Saturday, and I’m finally posting.  I’ll try to do better 🙂

This is the pencil pouch for T2.  Remember the tie-dye party?  This is the fabric I dyed when the girls did pillowcases. I also used it in her snappy top bag.

It turned out great and she loves it!

This next pic is of T1’s marching debut. It has nothing to do with the pencil pouch, but I wanted to share!

Art Sack

21 08 2010

I promised some pics of my art sack (and pencil case — coming soon) before school started.  Well… the first week is over and I’m finally sitting a my personal computer and not the school’s computer.  We did have this ready for T3’s first day and she loves it.  The kids kept asking her where they could buy one (too bad I don’t have the time right now!) The inspiration came from saltwater kids and I used the same tut she did from made. I lined my fabric with iron-on vinyl so I used french seams to hide the rough edges.  I zig-zagged the edges that couldn’t have a french seam (serger is still packed – no, the basement isn’t done, therefore no sewing room right now.)

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I’m still here

11 08 2010

Sorry to have been vacant from blogland.  I start back to school tomorrow and have been working VERY hard to get T1’s room done (at least usable) before I go back tomorrow. I do plan to make a few back-to-school items for my kids tonight, so hopefully new posts coming soon. Until then, here is our progress.  Bathroom is ALMOST done, just a few more pieces of trim for the shelves and the shelves need to be painted. This was a half bath and we made it a full.  The flooring we put in is cork and is AWESOME! T1’s floor is 1/3 of the way in, but we plan to be done in there by days end. Don’t write me off, check back soon for an art supply sack and a pencil case.

pin board

3 08 2010

I saw a cute puffy pin board at Hobby Lobby the other day. It wasn’t the right color, but was great inspiration. I got the frame at a thrift store and used foam core and batting and the matching fabric to her quilt. I’m going to make some cute pins for the board (when I find my shrink plastic from the move) or maybe use fabric covered buttons for the heads. I will post the update when it’s finished. The final pic is against the orange wall it will hang on, when I get around to hanging t3’s stuff!

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