turning 1

7 08 2011

Remember this cute rag quilt I made for a beautiful baby?  Well that baby is turning 1 and my cousin asked if I would make her a personalized onesie. I have done this before but was excited to use the silhouette to cut out the fabric.  It worked quite well although I’m not sure it saves tons of time and I don’t like the fabric waste.  My issue came when I began to sew it to the onesie.  It was skipping stitches and not feeding properly, yet I pressed on.  The onesie is OK, disappointed on my end.  It should have arrived in the mail yesterday so I hope to hear from them soon and she promised pics of the birthday with her tutu on.

My wonderful mom came to visit yesterday and I was telling her about taking my machine for service.  She convinced me to tear it apart myself and do it. So, the Mr. T and I worked on it last night.  It sings to me now-what a difference.  I’m thankful for the wisdom of my mama who saved me $65 and a week and a half without a sewing machine.

Upcycled Hat & sick kid & a broken camera

10 11 2010

I don’t get to stay very often, but I have a sick one (2 days in a row, but dad takes his turn tomorrow.)  It hasn’t been all bad.  We’ve had lots of this

but also time to make one of these.

Cheri at I am Momma is one of my favorite crafters. This is totally her idea and her pattern, but she loves to share.  Drop by her blog and make one for yourself.


The pics aren’t very good because I had to use my iPhone.  T2 borrowed my camera and broke it 😦  A new one isn’t in the budget, so I guess I’m thankful for my phone and T1 who has a better camera to take pics for me 🙂

Pajamas and an owl

19 10 2010

I finally made a couple of pj bottoms for my kids and using Toad as my inspiration, made a mini owl to match with some scraps.

pic taken by T2 (she didn't think a head was necessary)

Water Balloon Flip Flops

24 05 2010

T3 (who is 10 years old) came home the other day and said, “Mom, I want to make some flip flops out of water balloons.”  She googled it to show me and we got the supplies during our Wal-Mart run.  She made them by herself without help and is now making some for her good friend.

Bleach Pen Tank

21 05 2010

My daughter wanted to make a shirt for her friend for her birthday.  She drew the design and asked me to put it on a shirt.  I considered an iron-on, but they sometimes peel.  I thought about freezer paper stenciling, but that’s a lot of detail.  I finally settled on bleach pen.  It turned out ok, but T1 and her friend loved it.