making school supplies

30 07 2012

Sometimes you just can’t find what you’re looking for while school supply shopping, other times you want to try a fun pin using duct tape. So we made a few supplies outside of the cart full of crap stuff we purchased.  First I made some pencil pouches for T1 & T2.  They wanted them big enough to hold A LOT of pencils but small enough to fit in the backpack with lots of books.

sorry for the blurry pic.T2 gave me free reign on the fabric so I used some Lucy’s Crab Shack scraps.  I still need to show you guys all the stuff I’ve made with Lucy!

Using the Pinterest inspiration, T3 and I made some duct tape pencil bags.  They were quick and fun!

Using this same idea, I made an Art folio for T4. He was supposed to have an art box and fit all this stuff in that little box.Needless to say, it didn’t fit.  So I had some extra zip lock bags left over and decided to use some fabric, duct tape and bags to make an art folio.He approved and I was happy because he now has an opinion about clothes and school supplies and frequently rejects mom’s ideas.

Last but not least is a cover for my school issued iPad.  It’s not the best iPad holder but it came with the iPad.  I just made it a little better.  I also used the inspiration for the pin floating around on Pinterest to make a stylus pouch.  It works for now but I may need to invest in a better cover eventually.Yep, you should recognize some more Lucy scraps.  I love Lucy 🙂

How to catch up on 4 months?

24 06 2012

I’ve been gone from the blog world but not from crafting. I don’t really feel too bad about not posting; I’ve devoted my time to my family and my job. I do want to share a few of the projects I’ve completed since February. I’m posting from my phone and I used apps to edit all the pictures. I’ll mention those at the end. I’m hoping that if I can post when I have a moment, probably not sitting at home with our crazy schedule, then I can post more frequently.

I’ll start with St. Pat’s Day. You’ll see some pinterest inspiration in these pics.



I’ve also made tons of baby sets. One was a custom order to fit a changing table. A huge 12×16 inch basket!





We made some Avenger stuff, cause sometimes you just need to. 🙂

I ombré dyed some curtains for my bedroom. I hate to admit that I still only have one hung. The other is on the floor in front of the window.

I entered a swap but didn’t get the picture posted. This is what I sent.

And I made a summer sign for my entry post.

I made some teacher appreciation and graduation gifts.



I’ve used two free apps to edit my pics. The quality isn’t as good as I hoped but I like the convenience. PicCollage and Labelbox, check them out in the AppStore.

I ordered some Lucy’s Crab Shack fabric by Sweetwater and will have some things to post soon!


upcycle (Amy, this is for you)

28 01 2012

My friend Amy is the most amazing recycler I have ever seen, not to mention a great mom and teacher. For their family of 5, they only have 1 bag of trash a week and they have a small child in diapers.  AMAZING!! (Umm, we have way more trash than than I hate to admit)  So in honor of Amy, I recycled some pop-tart boxes, you know, the ones you get at Sam’s with smaller boxes inside, the ones that totally waste cardboard with multiple packaging. They were the perfect size to make some baskets for my super unorganized shelf.  The result is pretty awesome and I’m planning to make a few more for the T’s rooms.

I have another basket project I can’t wait to do out of this wire fabric stuff.  I will eventually get that bookshelf under control.

The following two pictures are just for fun, but sometimes I can’t help but share.  What happens when T3 & 4 are quiet in their bedrooms for an hour? The Avenger happens.  The decoration on this costume is notebook paper they colored, cut out and TAPED to T4s shirt and face.  They taped a yellow t-shirt around his middle to make the diaper looking thing.  Yes TA stand for The Avenger.  Makes me laugh that they included the T.

This last photo is from T1.  She pinned this little note to the wall above one of my craft tables.


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Last group of Christmas Presents

2 01 2012

We had our last Christmas gathering yesterday and I can finally post the rest of my pictures.  I have included a few orders that I have filled too.  I’m getting ready to work on some SNOW projects, just being hopeful :)!

This first project came from Dog Under My Desk and I added personalization to the back.  Thanks for such a great tutorial (although I wasn’t near my printer so I didn’t use her pattern, but I would have been easier if I had!) T2s friends loved them at their gift exchange on New Years Eve.

We also put vinyl on A LOT OF STUFF.  The monkey nightlight is for my nephew to match his monkey themed room I made the goodies for. The others are gifts and orders we (my friend Steph has been helping tons!) have filled.

created by Jen during Crafts & Spirits night 🙂

nightlight for T3 & 4s bathroom

gift for my grammy


Zach's nightlight

I made a marker roll & marsupial for my nieces as well as these dry erase frames for their rooms.

And last but not least, how about some Angry Birds with blocks.  T3 & 4 used the little Angry Birds that T4 got in his stocking and filmed (no I didn’t include the MANY videos they made) each episode of the Angry Birds game.  They worked on this for hours.  I love how creative they are!

I go back to school tomorrow 😦 but I am trying to adopt a new attitude toward all the changes coming down the pipe in education.

December at a glance

26 12 2011

I haven’t posted any crafty stuff for A LONG TIME.  So here is some of what I have been doing.  We’ll call it December at a glance.  I apparently didn’t take pictures of everything I’ve done, but here’s some of it.  Hope everyone had a great Christmas and is ready to ring in the new year.

I’m opening a tab on my blog called color me m boutique where I can take custom orders for the items listed.  Check it out and pass it on.

Zelda and a photo shoot

9 08 2011

As summer wraps up at the Tolen home, we have been getting in some last activities.  T2 has been reading ALOT! She knows homework will be coming soon as a Freshy. She has also been helping the Mr. T get their bathroom finished (pics when finished.)

T3 & T4 decided to use some lego guys and make a Link from Zelda.  This was done completely on their own and WOW! What talent from a 8 & 11 year old. The hair and hat are even removable, sculpted from clay and baked.  They used my craft paint for the outfits and then I sprayed them with a clear sealer.

T1 has been busy with another photo shoot.  The handsome young man will be a senior this year and T1 volunteered to take his pictures.  This was her first sr. pic photo shoot and it turned out great.  I’m only posting a few of the pics but there were SOOO many good ones to choose from.

I really want her to take some pics of the sibs before shool starts, but she made the varsity volleyball team yesterday and still has band camp of an evening so maybe on Saturday….

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green pedestal plate

17 06 2011

I think it may be a sickness.  I LOVE to make these painted treasures.  And it doesn’t help that Speckled Dog keeps showing her amazing creations so then off I am again to the thrift stores to get more wooden items to create pedestal creations.  Lowe’s and I have become pretty good friends too with the Valspar paint samples. Good thing this is a cheap project!  The Mr. T AND some of my friends think it’s time I start selling some of this business; food for thought.  In the mean time, here’s my newest creation using Valspar Sassy Green.

I’m not the only one who created today (I worked on a few other projects too –corkboard still in progress.) T2 took T1’s camera outside and photographed the wild lilys growing in out backyard.  This photo is without any editing.  It’s beautiful and is now our laptop background 🙂

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Summer Mantle

13 06 2011

I’m in love with the pedestal bowls seen at the Speckled Dog and MANY other places.  I’ve made quite a few myself.  I also love the fabric covered balls at Landee See Landee Do and the scrappy letters at Artsy Fartsy Mama.  So I put them all together to make my summer mantle. LOVING IT!  I do think I might make one of these beach balls to go on the edge with the last bit of fabric I have.

I love the blue showing through the white on this pedestal bowl.  I’m running low on good candle sticks.  To Goodwill I go.

Scrappy letters.  I want them all over my house.  What else should I spell?Sharing at :: Making the World Cuter :: Keeping it Simple :: Singing Three Little Birds :: Skip to My Lou ::

Friday Fun

4 06 2011

Yes, I know it’s Saturday, but with soccer and garage sales I haven’t crafted today.  I did pick up a great frame for a corkboard (now I need a 40% off coupon for the cork) another wooden plate for a pedestal, and a t-shirt with great letters for an upcycled bag.

Yesterday, however, I crafted like crazy.  My friend Steph came over and we recycled some wine bottles into the chalkboards as I’ve seen all over blogland.  I haven’t put chalk on them yet because I can’t find the non-clay chalk.  For the spray on chalkboard paint, it needs to be the super chalky stuff. Steph’s bottle said vino and mine said menu, as I intend to use it for my daily menu. I loved the sun coming through the trees, but it made for a bad picture.

We also painted a pedestal bowl for her mom’s birthday.  I had a base that I had painted orange.  I thought I would just sand past the orange to the wood when the time came, but once I revealed the orange under the teal, it was AWESOME!

The last project I’m showing was the first one I accomplished yesterday.  I’ve had this ladybug (and another one with a butterfly) print for a number of years. They adorned the girls bathroom in previous homes.  We have different decor now so I could re-purpose the frames. I used some scrap fabric from T3’s quilt and cut the T out with my Silhouette.  On a sad note, I’ve lost the other two guides for my Silhouette, preventing me from cutting anything other than thin material 😦  Will be digging through the trash in the craft area later to see if they are there.

T3 loved it and it looks good on the shelf in her room.  Maybe the crafting will resume tomorrow.  Happy Saturday.

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flip flops for the entry

1 06 2011

I have this sign that I hang in my entry way.  It’s a bit more country than I like, but I love to change it with the season.  The problem I have had is the limited number of critters to hang from it.  It came with the five seen below, but I don’t want patriotic all summer and I don’t want a heart until it’s time for Easter.  T3 has been into sculpting lately so we took advantage of 1/2 off Sculpy at JoAnn’s and made some flip flops to hang before and after July 4th.

What me made is less country, making me think I just need a whole new sign.  I do have a Silhouette and some wood.  I could so do that.

T3 did most of the sculpting.  I helped her get both shoes equally sized.  She also made a cute sun and some lego people.  Ok, so now I REALLY want a new sign.  It’s now on my summer to-do list (along with getting a dang camera!!!)

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