Projects in progress

17 04 2010

After 3 1/2 hours at soccer today, I am going to relax and finish the many projects I have started.  My friends baby will come any day now and her quilt isn’t finished. My son’s bleach pen shirt is still one color and he keeps asking why it isn’t done.  I have 2 of the 10 washer necklaces made, much to the disappointment of my daughters.  The t-shirt T1 designed for her friend’s birthday is still on the drawing board (not sure if we do freezer paper stencil or a simple iron on.) The window frame project is waiting for me to cut the backing board and then hang it and I still want to make some key chains.  That’s a lot of pictures to look forward to soon!

Tie Dye Birthday

12 04 2010

T2 turned 13 and wanted to celebrate with a tie dye party.

pillowcase (to tie dye), fun dip (with a tag that says "hope you have fun", and a fun eraser, pencil & clips

Ok, should have gotten the paste instead of the liquid food coloring

We signed the pillowcases with fabric markers.

Diaper Clutch

10 04 2010

So, I’ve been spending WAY too much time reading blogs lately, as reminded by my son T4.  But, as a result of my searching I came across Toad’s diaper clutch, with tutorial here (I didn’t use the pattern,  just the dimensions.)  Having all the T’s I need and none in diapers, I decided to make one for my good friend (along with a few other projects to be posted later.) I added a handle to mine because I remember trying to balance two toddlers and a baby and hold the darn changing pad under my arm.  This will slip on her arm or wrist and she can hold the baby and the hand of her toddler.

Borrowed T1’s digital SLR camera so I hope the pictures are better than the previous have been.

Polka Dot Birthday

2 04 2010

T2’s 10th birthday was Polka Dot (she will be 13 tomorrow, WOW!)

This was one of my better cakes.

Scooby Birthday

2 04 2010

For t4’s 5th birthday, he wanted Scooby Doo.


The cake is not great, but T4 LOVED it!. You can’t see clearly, but the blue bowl is a dog bowl full of Scooby Snacks.

Cow Birthday

2 04 2010

I am planning for T2’s birthday next week and T4’s birthday in May and came across these pics of the cow birthday when T4 turned 2.

In addition to the cupcake toppers and the goody bag toppers, I made a mini coloring book with the letter and an animal for each guest and a mini crayon  box personalized for each guest. I didn’t take pictures of the party favors 😦 I know better now!


1 04 2010

OK, so I skipped St. Pat’s day posting.  We did make some cute stuff, but didn’t find the time to get it on the blog.  I do have a few great projects for Easter to post.  I’ll try to give credit for inspiration, but sadly, sometimes I just can’t find it again.

The fabric carrots came from Sassy Styler Design.  I found some cute fabric (I love the polka dots) and used some foliage off of a plant bush in my flower bucket.  I think they turned out super cute.  The kidlet is for my son, litte T, for Easter.  I found the idea at Amazing Mae but she got the idea from J.Casa. Both blogs have great ideas and I visit frequently. I have headbands that I made for the older two T’s that I will post after Easter.  I want them to model 🙂

I apologize for the poor quality pictures, T2 took my camera and I had to use my iPhone.