Happy 4-0 to the Mr. T

26 02 2011

T1 and T2 are at a church retreat, T3 and T4 are at grandma’s and I’m helping the Mr. T celebrate the big 4-0.  We are taking a day to ourselves, shopping, eating and a movie. (bad iPhone pic)

Happy Pres. Day, the party, and the Valentine box

21 02 2011

Happy President’s Day.  I’m enjoying my day off from school with my kids.  I probably should post the surprise birthday party pics, a week later.  It was my MIL’s 60th birthday and I was in charge of frugal decor.  She loves shabby chic so I went with mason jars filled with tissue paper poms.  We used turquoise, red and cream and I made tags for the jars.  It wasn’t the most “done up” party I’ve decorated, but she loved it none the less. I had big tissue paper poms to hang from the ceiling, but when we got there, they told us we couldn’t hang anything from their ceiling, so we laid the poms on the tables instead.

Update on the Valentine box for T4.  He got LAST PLACE.  Yes, they told him he was last.  How horrible for a 2nd grader to be told his box was last.  I was not very happy about the situation. The Lincoln Memorial got first place (what?) so T4 wanted to know if we could make the White House next year.  Too much for a Valentine party in my opinion.  T3 got 2nd place for her Valentine box and she took the locker from last year.  Again I say “what?”  I HATE stupid competitions like that when it’s the parents making the boxes anyway.

Canvan for T2

21 02 2011

Right after Christmas I bought a package of two canvasses from Hobby Lobby.  They’ve been sitting in my living room since then.  I knew I wanted to use at least one for T2’s bedroom.  She needed something above her bed. I still have plans for a headboard, and after seeing the artwork on the wall, she REALLY needs a headboard.  I used my Silhouette and cut out dandelions a put them on the white canvas.  I spray painted pink and orange.  When it was dry, I added the words and sprayed the spaces a blue that matched her wall.  I think it may still need to outline the words; they didn’t “pop” as I had hoped.  I picked the verse from Jeremiah because she is starting to think about where she wants to go to college (as an 8th grader??) and I wanted her to know that she doesn’t have to have it figured out right now because God does. This seems a bit small in scale for the wall, so I may need to make the other to balance the space.  It will have to wait a bit though, today was the last 70 degree day for about a week 😦

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Are you reaaady for Valentine’s Day

14 02 2011

**Imagine the title in the “are you ready to rumble voice.”**

Finished up T4’s Valentine box when we got back from Nana’s surprise birthday party.  I’ll post pics of the party later this week; I was in charge of decorations. His box goes along with his valentine’s he’s giving out.  They are having a contest (which I greatly dislike) so now he want’s to win and we didn’t put “win” amount of time into this.  Hope he’s not too disappointed.  It’s cute enough. We used some leftover material from the Ben Ten jacket and we tied the frog to the lily pad so it wasn’t damaged.  We stuck heart stickers on the frog. The LEAP has accordion fold paper attaching it so it “leaps” off the box.  All the letters were cut with my Silhouette – go awesome machine!

Remember T3’s request to make upcycled pouches for Valentine’s Day?  Well, crazy mom did it.  We only used the first initial and made them smaller.  We put a Hershey bar in them and called them treasure pouches.  The saying on the front of the card reads “Valentine you are a treasure.”  The back says “this treasure pouch was made for you from recycled t-shirts” and has a heart made with the recycle arrows on it.  It took about 5 hours, but T3 was super excited when they were finished.

With the surprise party and such an ambitious valentine project, I’m exhausted.  Have some papers to grade though.

Wishing all of you a very happy Valentine’ Day.

Headband Valentine

12 02 2011

T2 had a Valentine party with her friends last night and we made headbands  for everyone.  The card read “good friends band together-Happy Valentine’s Day”  I didn’t spend much time on the cards, so they are NOT great, but the idea was good.  I can’t wait to pick T2 up this morning and see how the party went.  We also took love potions like we made last year.  I have attached the love potion label if you would like to download it for your Valentine.

I didn’t use a tutorial, but here are some links to others if you like. Reversible Headband :: elastic covered :: list of headband tutorials

Click on the label picture above and it should open a bigger image to right click and save.

Re-Vamped Valentine Exchange

12 02 2011

You may have noticed the sign on the side of my blog for the re-vamped valentine exchange sponsored by Craft Goodies.  This was my first exchange and I thought it was very fun.  I exchanged with a very talented lady from Utah and received a re-vamped flour sack pillow. Thanks Kimberly!

I sent her a re-vamped plate, a re-vamped tin and a basket (no it wasn’t re-vamped).

Thankgs Craft Goodies and Kimberly for a fun exchange.

Re-Vamp link party

froggy boy valentine

8 02 2011

T4 found some cool frogs at the dollar store and wanted to make some valentine’s out of them.  After some thought, I decided on a lily pad wrapped mini Hershey bar, the ones in a pack 8 for $1 at Wal-Mart.  He sat with me as we typed in all the names and he helped put the frogs on with glue dots.  His name is written on the back with sharpie.  I have included the free printable if you want some froggy valentines of your own.

Click on the image below and it should open full size for you to save and print.

If not, put it in Word or Photoshop and make it 8.5 x 11.

The green polka dot paper is cut at 2.75 x 3 to fit the mini Hersheys.

I changed the saying so to My heart leaps for you.

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