burp and a bag

5 02 2011

That title could conjure soooo many mental images….

So, before your mind runs away with you, I’m talking about a burp cloth and another upcycled pouch.

The burp cloth is what I gave with the basket I’ve already shown you, but I’ll post it again.  We have a TON of pregnant ladies in our church, so I’ll get my practice with making them.  I made this one after seeing a similar one on esty.  I used the same fabric as I did on the basket.  The denim was a little tough to work with and I had to zig zag stitch it instead of straight stitch – turned out ok thought.

The next picture is of another upcycled pouch.  I have sold 3 so far, unsolicited I might add, since making some for my kids.  I enjoy making them and my kids are pretty sure I should advertise the pouches and baskets.  I love it when your kids think what you do is awesome!

I have some more projects to work on.  T3 wants single letter bags for her class for VD.  Still debating if it can be done.  I’ll have the check the stash (I did make a trip to Goodwill for a few more t-shirts) and see if I have enough.

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