Are you reaaady for Valentine’s Day

14 02 2011

**Imagine the title in the “are you ready to rumble voice.”**

Finished up T4’s Valentine box when we got back from Nana’s surprise birthday party.  I’ll post pics of the party later this week; I was in charge of decorations. His box goes along with his valentine’s he’s giving out.  They are having a contest (which I greatly dislike) so now he want’s to win and we didn’t put “win” amount of time into this.  Hope he’s not too disappointed.  It’s cute enough. We used some leftover material from the Ben Ten jacket and we tied the frog to the lily pad so it wasn’t damaged.  We stuck heart stickers on the frog. The LEAP has accordion fold paper attaching it so it “leaps” off the box.  All the letters were cut with my Silhouette – go awesome machine!

Remember T3’s request to make upcycled pouches for Valentine’s Day?  Well, crazy mom did it.  We only used the first initial and made them smaller.  We put a Hershey bar in them and called them treasure pouches.  The saying on the front of the card reads “Valentine you are a treasure.”  The back says “this treasure pouch was made for you from recycled t-shirts” and has a heart made with the recycle arrows on it.  It took about 5 hours, but T3 was super excited when they were finished.

With the surprise party and such an ambitious valentine project, I’m exhausted.  Have some papers to grade though.

Wishing all of you a very happy Valentine’ Day.



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