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6 09 2014

Twice this week I have been asked about this blog and why I don’t update it anymore.  It’s not that I don’t create, I have two years *gasp* of creative work that hasn’t been shared. I’m a perfectionist, and I was spending so much time getting photos ready for my blog that I wasn’t crafting anymore.  I will try, at least for the two people who asked, to post things every now and then.  I’m not going to worry about the quality of the photo because my iPhone is usually what’s handy, and I’m not going to worry about traffic on my blog because this is for the people who want to see it.  I will share things that are near and dear to my heart.  Here’s a preview of some things that have happened since May.

Some sewing has happened…

ball croc towel floor pouf  shark pencil pouch

even by T3 who made her first sewing project this summer.

T3 sewing

Some vinyl crafting has happened…

derpy superman percy   taters 

and T1 graduated

grad cookiestshirt quilt


and then left for college.

This is only a glimpse of creativity since May.  You can image what the last two years have been like.  I may share some of my favorites along the way, I will hopefully share some new creations also.  I will make no promises.  Life takes priority.




Welcome Kimber

10 08 2012

My sweet friend had her baby Sunday.  Kimber Dawn.Isn’t she precious!!! I finished some items for her room once she arrived (her gender remained a secret until arrival.)

This is fabric her mom picked out and I did have it finished before her birth. Mom LOVED it.

These items (as well as a pink burp I didn’t photograph) were delivered the day she arrived.  Mom was a K-State basketball player and the burp cloth was appreciated 🙂 I used my Silhouette to make a freezer paper stencil to recreate the burp cloth found on Pinterest. I also used a decorative stitch on the sewing machine I got for my birthday. YEAH!!!!

On the next visit I was able to take a few more burp cloths and her diaper basket.  Kimber’s mom loved everything.  I got to spend more time holding sweet Kimber.  I managed to leave my sunglasses, so darn the luck, I’ll have to go visit again before school starts. I’m so glad she is here and healthy and that my friend had a safe delivery.

jungle baby shower

24 07 2012

My dear friend is having her first baby and I helped plan one of her showers.  She doesn’t know what she’s having so we used a gender neutral jungle theme. We had an awesome pineapple tree (as seen on Pinterest) and veggies as well as some animal cracker cupcakes in vanilla and raspberry lemonade and some jungle juice (I will reduce the amount of sugar next time).

I also made her some handmade gifts.  I had posted this cute giraffe softie on Pinterest and she loved it, so I made her one to match her nursery.

I also made a couple of gauze baby blankets, one of them I left white but the other I ombre dyed.

And here is the basket liner I made.  I also made her valance and crib skirt but I didn’t pull the pictures off my phone.

Her baby should be here within the next two weeks.  I wish her a quick and healthy delivery!

December at a glance

26 12 2011

I haven’t posted any crafty stuff for A LONG TIME.  So here is some of what I have been doing.  We’ll call it December at a glance.  I apparently didn’t take pictures of everything I’ve done, but here’s some of it.  Hope everyone had a great Christmas and is ready to ring in the new year.

I’m opening a tab on my blog called color me m boutique where I can take custom orders for the items listed.  Check it out and pass it on.

another big basket

11 09 2011

I got around to making another big basket (12x12x12) to fill an order. What I forgot to do was make the tutorial as I went.  I do have another order so I’ll try not to for get it the next time.  I used denim for the outside and changed up how I made it a little, putting the stiffy on the lining instead of the outside. I’m still having trouble keeping the band around the top from puckering, but I hope as I make more that works itself out.  This was for a little boy named Xavier and the plan is to use the basket for toys.  I love how the denim works with the bright colors.

For those wanting a tutorial, I will get one done.  I realized I had forgotten about halfway into the project.

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Pics from Z’s room

27 08 2011

My sister sent me a couple of pics with baby Z’s stuff.  They are a little fuzzy but you can get the idea.

Do you like that bed without a mattress? 🙂Hmmmm, does she need a changing pad cover or two?  I might need to get on that!

She sent the canvas back home so I could put fabric on it instead of vinyl.  I’ll mail it to her when I get it done.  Now, we just need baby Z!

I have a “list” of weekend projects.  Of course, I’m sitting at the computer right now, NOT doing them.  Hopefully I will have some crafty goodness to share by this evening!

baby stuff for baby Z

20 08 2011

Baby Z (my new nephew) will be arriving in September and I have been working on stuff for his nursery all summer.  My mom took the stuff out to my sister so I think it’s safe to post all of this now.  She chose the monkey fabric from JoAnn’s and I supplemented with other fabrics.  I wasn’t super enthusiastic about it to begin with because the colors are so light and honestly the coordinating fabric was hard to find as well because the colors were hard to match.  In the end, I fell in love with it and hope my sister likes it too.  I will post pics of the stuff in the nursery when she sends them to me.  In her package she received a 12 x 12 x 10 basket for diapers and later toys, a quilt, bumper pad, 3-43 x 43 receiving blankets, 5 initial burps, 1 name burp, and a canvas sign for his wall. I will be working on some bibs for him made out of recycled t-shirts because I think they’re super cute!

The quilt pattern came from moda with the idea of just using one row coming from The Absolute Luckiest blog.  The blog is amazing and I love to get ideas from her.  I knew when I saw her quilt it would be perfect and I’m not disappointed at all.

Thanks T2 for holding the quilt for me 🙂

The bumper pad came from a collection of websites but I mostly referenced the tutorial at Vanilla Joy. I used ribbon instead of bias tape because I had seen it on several other sites and liked how it looked.

The rest is all mine.  The basket is a pattern I came up with and I already make the other stuff and sell in my smaller gift baskets.

I modpodged some fabric to canvas and then cut the z out of vinyl on my silhouette.  I might have her bring it back at Thanksgiving and modpodge fabric on it instead of the vinyl.  I’m still not satisfied with it.

I hope to hear from her after the shower today to see if she likes everything and to see if the bumper pad actually fits.  It hard to make one with out an actual crib to work with.  Most of all, I can’t wait to hold and spoil baby z when he gets here!

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Border and Order

17 08 2011

School is back in session and my time is back to basically none.  It makes me sad, especially since my blogging was sporadic this summer anyway.  Here are two projects I completed before school started.  The first is some letters I cut for the Mr. T’s classroom out of bulletin board border.  He wanted some map letters and couldn’t find any, but found this border. So, using the handy dandy Silhouette, I cut his letters out.  Now it wasn’t just a short word like “history”, nooooo, it was two FULL sentences.  My mat was losing tackiness by the end and giving me issues, but the letters looked good in the end.

The order part of this blog post  is for a baby Emerson.  I’m starting to really love making these basket sets.

I have my sister’s nursery stuff done but I’m going to wait until she gets it this weekend to post it.  It all turned out pretty cute! I also managed to get T1 to take pics of the sibs before school started too, but they’re not edited yet, so that’s a post for another time too.

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turning 1

7 08 2011

Remember this cute rag quilt I made for a beautiful baby?  Well that baby is turning 1 and my cousin asked if I would make her a personalized onesie. I have done this before but was excited to use the silhouette to cut out the fabric.  It worked quite well although I’m not sure it saves tons of time and I don’t like the fabric waste.  My issue came when I began to sew it to the onesie.  It was skipping stitches and not feeding properly, yet I pressed on.  The onesie is OK, disappointed on my end.  It should have arrived in the mail yesterday so I hope to hear from them soon and she promised pics of the birthday with her tutu on.

My wonderful mom came to visit yesterday and I was telling her about taking my machine for service.  She convinced me to tear it apart myself and do it. So, the Mr. T and I worked on it last night.  It sings to me now-what a difference.  I’m thankful for the wisdom of my mama who saved me $65 and a week and a half without a sewing machine.

baby gift set

25 07 2011

I have had a few recent orders for these baby gift sets that include the basket, 43 x 43 receiving blanket, 1 name burp and 2 initial burps.  This was the first one finished prior to vacation, the other was finished this Thursday, but I forgot to take pictures.

huge receiving blanket – I tell people they are made for the swaddling impaired like I was 🙂

initial burps – super thick

name burp made from a super 6-ply diaper

packaged and ready to go with a card.  These are fun little gifts to make.  Hopefully word will get around.

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