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6 09 2014

Twice this week I have been asked about this blog and why I don’t update it anymore.  It’s not that I don’t create, I have two years *gasp* of creative work that hasn’t been shared. I’m a perfectionist, and I was spending so much time getting photos ready for my blog that I wasn’t crafting anymore.  I will try, at least for the two people who asked, to post things every now and then.  I’m not going to worry about the quality of the photo because my iPhone is usually what’s handy, and I’m not going to worry about traffic on my blog because this is for the people who want to see it.  I will share things that are near and dear to my heart.  Here’s a preview of some things that have happened since May.

Some sewing has happened…

ball croc towel floor pouf  shark pencil pouch

even by T3 who made her first sewing project this summer.

T3 sewing

Some vinyl crafting has happened…

derpy superman percy   taters 

and T1 graduated

grad cookiestshirt quilt


and then left for college.

This is only a glimpse of creativity since May.  You can image what the last two years have been like.  I may share some of my favorites along the way, I will hopefully share some new creations also.  I will make no promises.  Life takes priority.




My Tardy Valentine

18 02 2012

Nothing like posting all of your Valentine stuff AFTER Valentine’s Day.  Things have been CRAZY at work so any crafting that I’ve done has been in the wee hours and not much for enjoyment, mostly for others.  I have a few things that didn’t get pics.  Oh, well.

This was a gift for a birthday T3 went to.  Her friend is obsessed with the Hunger Games so we put a mockingjay on a snappy top bag (see my tutorials to make one of your own).  I got the iron-on vinyl from Expressions Vinyl.  Do check them out, they have a great selection, prices and FAST shipping. (If you click on the link here or my side bar, I do get a referring reward the next time I order 🙂 )

I made this almost a month ago with the Mr. T.  I plan to change the signs out with the season.  Again, I used outdoor (permanent) vinyl from Expressions Vinyl.

Yep, this came from Pinterest. Follow me if you want! We changed it up a bit and wrapped mini Hershey’s with camo and stuck the soldier to them.  Love me some Pinterest!

T4 made his own Valentine box.  I helped with the duct tape and paper on top.  He used glue dots (and loved them, actually snuck them into his backpack and I had to take them back!) and stuck all the stuff down.  We knew he wouldn’t win the contest but I was up to my elbows in Valentine Banquet decorations and this is about what I could manage.  The competition is ridiculous anyway (see next pic) and I will NEVER have time in February to make a winning Valentine box. Yep, that’s a submarine the size of the table, moving propeller in the back and all.

I was also asked to decorate for the Valentine banquet at church.  I love helping out with things like this and I thought it turned out pretty good.  Of course, I forgot to take pics of the place once it was done, but here are the flower centerpieces.

And here’s what my table looked like while making them (please ignore the dirty dishes in the kitchen!!!)

We did make some goodies for Valentine’s day.  T1 & 2 made sugar cookies and I made the red velvet cake balls posted on Pinterest (recipe here). Now, to be honest, we couldn’t eat very many of the cake balls because when you leave out a cup of flour from the recipe, it’s a bit, sort of, EXTREMELY oily.  Oh well, they looked cute.

I also made a purse for T2 from some burlap coffee sacks we were given.  It was such a hit that I made another and SOLD it. I have two more sacks and one is earmarked for T1’s purse.  I would love to keep the other sack for a basket for me, but I have at least 3 other people who would buy a purse from me.  (money, basket, money, basket – such a tough decision)

I also found a duct tape basket idea on Pinterest (original post here).  I had some duct tape left over from T4’s Valentine box so he and I made a no sew basket.  You staple it together and tape it with duct tape.  It was fun to make and is a good idea if you need a wipeable lining for something.  I would definitely sew it the next time, but T4 thinks he might be able to make these himself.  It would be a fun activity for a birthday party. Last but not least is one of the gifts I made for my sister for her birthday (almost a month ago.)  My parents are just making it out to see her this weekend and taking the gifts.  She had seen a window when she was home for Christmas and wanted me to make her one.  This is a slight variation of what she saw but I think she will love it the same. Have a few requests for some more of these too.  Luckily my Dad has some old windows in his shed he is letting me have.  I have the best family!

Well, I hope I didn’t lose you along the way.  I feel like I’ve been typing for hours.  Since this is a long weekend for education, I have some projects planned.  Hope I can get the Mr. T along for a few of them 🙂 and I hope to post again before I return to school on Tuesday!  Happy crafting.


5 06 2011

We bought some of these

at the store yesterday.  We ate some for a snack last night while playing Monopoly.  When I got up this morning, some of them had some moldy spots.  Well, when you pay for cherries, ya’ don’t want them to mold.  I love cherry pie, but it isn’t the Mr. T’s favorite.  I love scones and, well I guess I didn’t care if it was anyone’s favorite, I decided to find a cherry scone recipe.  I found it at CC Recipe, a mother/daughter website.  They are DELICIOUS! Flaky, light, and do you see that fantastic black Fiesta plate?  49 cents at Goodwill and I got 4 of them. YES!  This recipe is a keeper. It didn’t lighten it any, full butter and cream, so even though it’s a keeper, it’s a not very often scone.

Resurrection Day..

24 04 2011

…and they found the stone rolled away away from the tomb, but when they entered, thy did not find the body of the Lord…”He is not here, but He has risen.” – Luke 24: 2-6

Resurrection Roles from Feathers from my Nest via I am Momma Hear me Roar.  I greeted my family this morning with a baked reminder of why we celebrate Easter.

Happy Resurrection Day!

more snow-more projects

2 02 2011

I’m feeling much better today and have crossed a few projects off my list. First project was a PB Valentine plate knock off. They are floating around blogland and PB has sold out (not that I would have purchased one from them anyway.) So I found this super cute red polka dot plate at Target and decided it would make a perfect backdrop for the Pride and Prejudice saying.


I have attached the cut file that I used.  The saying is from a book, so I think it’s ok to share it.  Let me know if this is breaking some kind of copyright law and I’ll take the link off.  The cut file is designed for a 9″ plate.

The next project is one I’ve had in my mind for awhile.  I ordered some chalkboard vinyl from Expressions Vinyl and have been saving it.  I used some of it to create a chalkboard sword for T4’s wall so we can write his memory verses on it.  I didn’t make it as big as I should have, but it works for now.  I might need to rework it later.

Project 3 was a cooking project with all my kids.  I saw these cute heart pies the other day and wanted to make some for us. Everyone had a part, and they turned out cute and YUMMY! I used the French pastry crust recipe from

T1 spent some time outside taking pictures in the snow.  She realized blizzard conditions are not conducive for picture taking, but this one did turn out good.

Last project is the start of another baby gift.  I got the basket finished and need to work on the burp cloths and a little something else tomorrow.  Yes, we have another snow day in the wake of the blizzard.

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caramel apple treat

27 09 2010

T1 has to take a treat to her volleyball team periodically.  She wanted something super special so we decided to make caramel apples.  We dipped them in blue and silver sprinkles and then coated them with a white chocolate glaze.  They were a hit!

we used the caramel bits and they were very easy to work with

they weren't lumpy, not sure why it looks like they were

Vitatop Muffins

25 06 2010

I’m working on a few (too many) projects and packing to move.  Hope to have some of these projects posted shortly.  Until then I wanted to share one of my favorite breakfast or morning snack foods.  Vitatops.  They are made by the Vitalicious company and have tons of flavors as well as full muffins, brownies and coffee.  My favorites are double chocolate, and fudgy peanut butter chip. Some stores carry them, but I find that ordering online is cheaper than my local grocery. They contain 50% of the RDA for a lot of vitamins (check the stats at the site) and they only have 100 calories.

Sorry for the small image.  I copied it from their site because I forgot to take a pic of mine before I ate it 🙂

Some sites on the internet ( offer coupon codes when you order.  Check it out. I LOVE THESE MUFFIN TOPS!

Homemade Hamburger Helper

21 06 2010

Came across a post on a blog (I know, very general there but I can’t remember where I first saw it) with a link (Chickens in the Road) to all varieties of homemade hamburger helper.  We made cheeseburger macaroni and it was YUMMY! Very easy and you can use whole wheat pasta and reduced fat cheese if you want (we did and it was still YUMMY!)