Where have I been?

31 03 2011

I’ve been buried in the book series from Janet Evanovich.  My friend gave me One for the Money to read and I was hooked.  Sadly, crafting (and cleaning, and cooking) has been put off while I finish all that has been written. If you want a laugh-out-loud book series (which is being made into a movie) pick this series.   Just don’t read so much that your 7 year old son asks, “so how well do you know Janet?”  I’m just modeling good reading skills, right???

This note is for Carly – no this is not in any way “good” literature–but it sure it funny!

If you’ve read the series I’d like to ask – are you a Ranger or Morelli fan?

Happy Birthday Mom

19 03 2011

I’m sending out warm wishes to my mom  for her birthday today.  She already has part of her gift, shown below. The rest is coming (I know, late presents UGH!)  She wanted me to make her an apothecary jar like I did at Valentine’s Day, but I’ve been scouring the thrift stores and couldn’t find a container big enough.  I bought this one a Michael’s with a coupon (she would be proud of that.) The rest is to come.  I”ll show you pics when she gets it.

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are you tired of baby gifts yet?

14 03 2011

Another baby gift delivered, but another one to make…

This one is for a sweet baby girl.  I love the pink and brown together.


13 03 2011

That’s what I am, Lucky! Today I celebrate 18 years with my wonderful husband.

I also wanted to show you my altered letters for my mantel.  I got the letters for LUCK last year at Hobby Lobby but didn’t get the project finished until this year, but when it was finished I thought it needed a Y. The Y is still not done, but I’ll get to it.  I also have the St. Pat’s words paper to download if you would like it for a scrapbook page or letters of your own.  The pattern papers were various free downloads on the web, all of which I have lost the original URL for.

click on image to open a full size printable

click on image to open a full size printable

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Hello??? Anybody there?

7 03 2011

So I’ve been away for awhile.  Sometimes life catches up with you. I have been crafting a little and I have a few things I can share, but I’m going to start with another baby gift.  I have mentioned before that we have TONS of moms-to-be in our Sunday School class.  Here is another basket and burp that was recently delivered.

I am working on a pirate costume for T3’s play tomorrow night.  A trip to the thrift store provided me with what I needed.  I can’t wait to see it all together.  Hopefully you will have pics of that tomorrow.