unexpected twist for snow day 4

4 02 2011

I sometimes  have “internal shingles” which can be very painful, but I never break out in the rash.  When I went to the doctor yesterday to get medicine for  it, he also found a lump in my breast.  He told me it felt like a cyst, but he wanted to have it checked.  After two mammograms and a ultrasound, everything was fine.  But, I wanted to blog about it to remind EVERYONE to have your mammogram and catch things early.  They said they found a tiny spot in a 35 year old this week who was having her initial mammogram.  It was caught early and she will most likely be just fine.  I would rather it be caught early!  Go have your mammogram, thank God for when it turns out fine and pray for those who find something.

mammogram paraphernalia


*No crafts to share because I did freak out a little and did NOTHING since my appointment yesterday.  May have something to share later tonight.



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