sling bag for my little sis

29 07 2010

My sister sent me an email with picture attached the other day that  read “can you make one of these for me?” It was a sling bag, but she didn’t want it as deep as the one in the picture AND she needed it before she left for vacation (remember, we just moved and sewing machine was still packed.)  I searched for tutorials and patterns, found a pattern but didn’t want to pay $13 to use it only once, SO…. I made one. I started to make a tutorial to go with it, but didn’t get all the steps photographed. Maybe next time.  She wanted orange, a place for cell phone and keys so I gave her a cell phone pocket and a key clip.  Here’s what’s in the mail to her now. She should have it by Friday.

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Food Face Plate

26 07 2010

I saw this post on At Second Street and new I wanted to try it.  My friends and I each made one for our little boy (mine’s not so little anymore but still loves it.)  We were in the process of packing so I forgot to snap pictures of everyone, but I have ours with T4’s food creations on it!

hamburger, pickles & ketchup - no veggies cause it didn't fit on his face 🙂

He uses his plate every day, which is probably good for him since all my other small plates are yellow with pink polka dots!

T3’s bedroom

24 07 2010

We finally have Internet. YEA!!! This first room (or part of a room) I want to share is T3’s room. When we moved in, the walls were green with purple. We changed the purple to orange to match her new quilt. I don’t have accent pillows yet because i haven’t unpacked the sewing machine yet. This is her bed with the new quilt and sham. We don’t have pictures on the wall yet, but I’ll get pics as soon as we do. It’s great to have Internet again!! The camera is still packed, so the iPhone picture is what you get.  Sorry the quality is so poor.  I’ll find the camera before I post the rest.

We are finishing our basement with a bedroom for T1 and a family room.  T2 is sharing with T1 for now, so you won’t have pics of either room until it’s done.

I’m still here

20 07 2010

The view from my kitchen table is wonderful, as long as you don’t look down. I hope to be back with a full post Saturday when the goofy cable company finally installs our internet. We have been unpacking and finishing the unfinished basement. Tons of pics and projects to share. See you Saturday!!!

moving days

13 07 2010

I will be away from my blog for a few days while we move.  I will be posting via iPhone (or laptop while at Panera *smile*) after that until the dreadfully slow internet company gets ours hooked up (they say not until July 26 – really??? How can you be THAT busy?) I’ll try to get pics of the rooms as we get them set up.  My first goal is to see that new quilt in my daughter’s room!!!

T3’s quilt

9 07 2010

Last project and the sewing machine is getting packed.  T3 wanted a new quilt for her new room and here is the final produce.  I also made a pillow sham (will post when the room is finished) and a cover for a saucer chair.  I can’t wait to see how this looks in her new room.

Inspiration from the quilt came from Lady Havartine.  T3 was reading blogs over my shoulder one day and spotted it and knew she wanted it in citrus colors. We chose fabrics from She is thrilled! This was also my first attempt a free motion quilting.  I used a walking foot and quilted straight lines in the center and then with the darning foot we have squiggles in the colors and circles on the edges. Free motion quilting is fun! What else can I quilt???

I wanted to make an entirely new cushion for the saucer chair, but my frame doesn’t come apart – it was sewn while on the frame and I couldn’t do that – so we just made a cover.  Handy, because now it can be washed. I also used left over pieces of the white fabric and pieced them together. I wasn’t entirely sure I could make a cover work and didn’t want to waste new fabric :0

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baby quilt, bib & burps

8 07 2010

My cousin’s baby shower is this weekend and I will miss it due to the move.  I wanted to get her blanket and goodies done before I packed the sewing machine.  It’s going out in the mail today. The colors match her nursery and I think it turned out super cute.  Lindsay, hope your shower is great!

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Iron Crafter Round 2

5 07 2010

Both of my projects made it to the top 10. Please find your way to and vote for your favorite project.