sling bag for my little sis

29 07 2010

My sister sent me an email with picture attached the other day that  read “can you make one of these for me?” It was a sling bag, but she didn’t want it as deep as the one in the picture AND she needed it before she left for vacation (remember, we just moved and sewing machine was still packed.)  I searched for tutorials and patterns, found a pattern but didn’t want to pay $13 to use it only once, SO…. I made one. I started to make a tutorial to go with it, but didn’t get all the steps photographed. Maybe next time.  She wanted orange, a place for cell phone and keys so I gave her a cell phone pocket and a key clip.  Here’s what’s in the mail to her now. She should have it by Friday.

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make it wear it



One response

29 07 2010

Awesome as always!! Can’t wait to get it. Thanks big sis!!

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