How to catch up on 4 months?

24 06 2012

I’ve been gone from the blog world but not from crafting. I don’t really feel too bad about not posting; I’ve devoted my time to my family and my job. I do want to share a few of the projects I’ve completed since February. I’m posting from my phone and I used apps to edit all the pictures. I’ll mention those at the end. I’m hoping that if I can post when I have a moment, probably not sitting at home with our crazy schedule, then I can post more frequently.

I’ll start with St. Pat’s Day. You’ll see some pinterest inspiration in these pics.



I’ve also made tons of baby sets. One was a custom order to fit a changing table. A huge 12×16 inch basket!





We made some Avenger stuff, cause sometimes you just need to. 🙂

I ombré dyed some curtains for my bedroom. I hate to admit that I still only have one hung. The other is on the floor in front of the window.

I entered a swap but didn’t get the picture posted. This is what I sent.

And I made a summer sign for my entry post.

I made some teacher appreciation and graduation gifts.



I’ve used two free apps to edit my pics. The quality isn’t as good as I hoped but I like the convenience. PicCollage and Labelbox, check them out in the AppStore.

I ordered some Lucy’s Crab Shack fabric by Sweetwater and will have some things to post soon!


Pin from your iPhone

17 12 2011

Seems like I’m always going, hence the reason I haven’t posted much. I do like to check blogs while sitting at (fill in the blank with games, choir concerts, band concerts, meetings…) and wanted to pin from my phone. Could it be done? I have the pinterest app but couldn’t see a way to pin. I googled it and found my answer at simply the nest

The pinterest app has the same instructions if you click on account and then bookmarklet.

I used it and it’s awesome. Check out my pinterest for the latest goodies I’ve found. Happy pinning!


JoAnn Fabric App iPhone

29 01 2011

***Update*** The app worked perfectly.  The guy at the store said you could only use the code once, but it didn’t remove it from my coupon list when I used it.  I may try it again, just to see what happens.

While clipping my 50% off coupon, I noticed a “text this number” message at the bottom.  Upon further investigation, I realized you could download a free app for JoAnn’s that would give you the coupon code right on your phone. I didn’t get a chance to use it today, but I plan to try it tomorrow.  I have the paper copy just in case something doesn’t work right. Go check it out.  I’m all about not carrying around the coupons if I don’t have to.

Weight Loss & Exercise Site

29 06 2010

I’ll be back later this evening with another Iron Crafter Pillowcase Challenge tutorial, but for now I wanted to share a really cool website. is a website that will track the nutritional value of the food you eat.  I has many other FREE features, but my favorite is loops.  You can enter the address of your starting location and draw the arrows for the path you want to run/walk/jog and it figures the distance and calories burned.  I just canceled my 7 year subscription to Weight Watchers because it was no longer working for me.  I love that this is free and, so far, working out well. Oh, and I almost forgot, there is an iPhone app that syncs to the website so you can track what you eat while on the go.  The app is $2.99 but SOOOO worth it.

Check back later for a stroller caddy from a pillowcase tutorial.  Super easy and CHEAP!

Photo Booth Classic Plus App

28 05 2010

I downloaded the iPhone App Photo Booth Classic Plus a few days ago to play with.  It’s a 1.99 but has been so much fun.  My two older kids, 14 & 13, love it. Here is an example of the results using my good friends cute little boy. It counts down 5 seconds between each shot and you have the option to change it to black and white or the full range of partial color. A few pics are blurry because chasing an almost two year old around it tough 😉