glitter trees

28 11 2010

To round out my mantel, I made glitter trees, as seen in this post at Eighteen25 I also got my glitter at Hobby Lobby; a much better selection than Michael’s, unless you count the Martha Stewart glitter that was too high for my budget.  I couldn’t find 3 different sized cones, so I use 2 sizes and different heights of candle holders, purchased at the Dollar Tree.  I think it looks great with my wreath.  Too bad the stockings don’t match.  Won’t be getting any new ones soon though, those are from Pottery Barn and hubby would freak!

I will need to take a new mantle pic when the sun goes down.  Yes, I still need curtains 🙂

Yarn Ball Wreath

27 11 2010

I saw this wreath posted on Life Through the Lens (and many other places) and really wanted one for above the wall on the mantel in our home.  The wall is white and I LOVE the fun colors. It took a lot more styrofoam balls than I thought it would so thank goodness for the for 40% off coupons and sales!  I got some of the ornaments in the dollar bin at target and others at Michael’s. I replaced the candles in the sconces with leftover yarn balls and ornaments.  I have some glitter trees I’m working on in the same color for one side of the stocking and my chalkboard plate with joy on the other (probably adorned with more ornaments).  Hopefully I can post the rest tomorrow.  Happy Christmas decorating!


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Happy Thanksgiving & Birthday Gifts for Baylee

25 11 2010

Happy Thanksgiving.  I wish everyone a great day of giving thanks to God for all the blessing in our lives (and some good turkey).

We are taking some pies and a turkey on the road today, but I’m also taking these birthdy gifts for Baylee. Her b-day was earlier this month but we live in different states so we waited until Thanksgiving.  It is the same items I gave her sister Sadi earlier but matching her bedroom colors.  Hope you love them Baylee.

Giving credit: basket pattern – Pink Penguin, Puffy Quilt – Honey Bear Lane

Kitchen Art

19 11 2010

I haven’t done a very good job getting my kitchen decorated. I still don’t even have curtains up (sorry neighbor), but I saw the cute Halloween silhouette art and one thing led to another and the artwork below was born. The frames are from dollar tree, spray paint I had on hand, fabric from my drying towel and table runner  and I found the vector art graphics here. You could use vinyl, but I don’t have a cutter so I used cardstock and my good scissors.  I love $3 artwork! Now, those darn curtains.

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upcycled pillow

15 11 2010

Cheri, from I am Momma- hear me roar, inspired me to dig through my old t-shirts.  This was one of my son’s favorites, and I decided it would look great with his sports themed bedroom.  To take it even further, I used and old pillow, took off the cording and re-wrapped it with red fabric and used it again.  Recycling at it’s best.

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Upcycled Hat & sick kid & a broken camera

10 11 2010

I don’t get to stay very often, but I have a sick one (2 days in a row, but dad takes his turn tomorrow.)  It hasn’t been all bad.  We’ve had lots of this

but also time to make one of these.

Cheri at I am Momma is one of my favorite crafters. This is totally her idea and her pattern, but she loves to share.  Drop by her blog and make one for yourself.


The pics aren’t very good because I had to use my iPhone.  T2 borrowed my camera and broke it 😦  A new one isn’t in the budget, so I guess I’m thankful for my phone and T1 who has a better camera to take pics for me 🙂


7 11 2010

I saw a cute word cloud in a brochure the other day and attached to the bottom of the picture was the website. tagxedo I made some, just playing around and came up with a couple of trees I would like to have either printed on canvas or large format for my living room walls.  Try it out – it’s fun! I made some for the front of my daughters’ 3-ring binders.  I would also like to make some out of their names for each room.  You can upload any picture you want and any text you want.  Similar to wordle, but with shape options. Imagine the options for Christmas gifts…

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TP basket

2 11 2010

So many things haven’t been finished since moving in to our house.  T3/4’s bathroom is just one of the many things.  I made a basket to house the TP on the back of the toilet.  They still need wall decor and a matching basket by the sink for hair bands and other “stuff”.  I messed it up a little, but only I will know it.linking to:
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Carving Pumpkins

1 11 2010

T1 (was at an amusement park with her church youth group) didn’t carve a pumpking, but T2-4 did.  This was T-4’s first year carving all by himself.  Not too shabby (small crisis when he cut through the B so the whole thing fell out!) The neighbor kids helped us dig the guts out. T3 managed, even with her broken foot.