T3’s quilt

9 07 2010

Last project and the sewing machine is getting packed.  T3 wanted a new quilt for her new room and here is the final produce.  I also made a pillow sham (will post when the room is finished) and a cover for a saucer chair.  I can’t wait to see how this looks in her new room.

Inspiration from the quilt came from Lady Havartine.  T3 was reading blogs over my shoulder one day and spotted it and knew she wanted it in citrus colors. We chose fabrics from fabric.com. She is thrilled! This was also my first attempt a free motion quilting.  I used a walking foot and quilted straight lines in the center and then with the darning foot we have squiggles in the colors and circles on the edges. Free motion quilting is fun! What else can I quilt???

I wanted to make an entirely new cushion for the saucer chair, but my frame doesn’t come apart – it was sewn while on the frame and I couldn’t do that – so we just made a cover.  Handy, because now it can be washed. I also used left over pieces of the white fabric and pieced them together. I wasn’t entirely sure I could make a cover work and didn’t want to waste new fabric :0

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18 07 2010

Nice! Lovely colors.

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