T3’s bedroom

24 07 2010

We finally have Internet. YEA!!! This first room (or part of a room) I want to share is T3’s room. When we moved in, the walls were green with purple. We changed the purple to orange to match her new quilt. I don’t have accent pillows yet because i haven’t unpacked the sewing machine yet. This is her bed with the new quilt and sham. We don’t have pictures on the wall yet, but I’ll get pics as soon as we do. It’s great to have Internet again!! The camera is still packed, so the iPhone picture is what you get.  Sorry the quality is so poor.  I’ll find the camera before I post the rest.

We are finishing our basement with a bedroom for T1 and a family room.  T2 is sharing with T1 for now, so you won’t have pics of either room until it’s done.



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