burp and a bag

5 02 2011

That title could conjure soooo many mental images….

So, before your mind runs away with you, I’m talking about a burp cloth and another upcycled pouch.

The burp cloth is what I gave with the basket I’ve already shown you, but I’ll post it again.  We have a TON of pregnant ladies in our church, so I’ll get my practice with making them.  I made this one after seeing a similar one on esty.  I used the same fabric as I did on the basket.  The denim was a little tough to work with and I had to zig zag stitch it instead of straight stitch – turned out ok thought.

The next picture is of another upcycled pouch.  I have sold 3 so far, unsolicited I might add, since making some for my kids.  I enjoy making them and my kids are pretty sure I should advertise the pouches and baskets.  I love it when your kids think what you do is awesome!

I have some more projects to work on.  T3 wants single letter bags for her class for VD.  Still debating if it can be done.  I’ll have the check the stash (I did make a trip to Goodwill for a few more t-shirts) and see if I have enough.

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unexpected twist for snow day 4

4 02 2011

I sometimes  have “internal shingles” which can be very painful, but I never break out in the rash.  When I went to the doctor yesterday to get medicine for  it, he also found a lump in my breast.  He told me it felt like a cyst, but he wanted to have it checked.  After two mammograms and a ultrasound, everything was fine.  But, I wanted to blog about it to remind EVERYONE to have your mammogram and catch things early.  They said they found a tiny spot in a 35 year old this week who was having her initial mammogram.  It was caught early and she will most likely be just fine.  I would rather it be caught early!  Go have your mammogram, thank God for when it turns out fine and pray for those who find something.

mammogram paraphernalia


*No crafts to share because I did freak out a little and did NOTHING since my appointment yesterday.  May have something to share later tonight.

more snow-more projects

2 02 2011

I’m feeling much better today and have crossed a few projects off my list. First project was a PB Valentine plate knock off. They are floating around blogland and PB has sold out (not that I would have purchased one from them anyway.) So I found this super cute red polka dot plate at Target and decided it would make a perfect backdrop for the Pride and Prejudice saying.


I have attached the cut file that I used.  The saying is from a book, so I think it’s ok to share it.  Let me know if this is breaking some kind of copyright law and I’ll take the link off.  The cut file is designed for a 9″ plate.

The next project is one I’ve had in my mind for awhile.  I ordered some chalkboard vinyl from Expressions Vinyl and have been saving it.  I used some of it to create a chalkboard sword for T4’s wall so we can write his memory verses on it.  I didn’t make it as big as I should have, but it works for now.  I might need to rework it later.

Project 3 was a cooking project with all my kids.  I saw these cute heart pies the other day and wanted to make some for us. Everyone had a part, and they turned out cute and YUMMY! I used the French pastry crust recipe from allrecipes.com.

T1 spent some time outside taking pictures in the snow.  She realized blizzard conditions are not conducive for picture taking, but this one did turn out good.

Last project is the start of another baby gift.  I got the basket finished and need to work on the burp cloths and a little something else tomorrow.  Yes, we have another snow day in the wake of the blizzard.

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Snow Day -sick :(

1 02 2011

The first snow day this week was spent sick.  What a waste of a day.  I did get some cleaning and organizing done inT4’s room on Sunday so I have some storage boxes with some fun vinyl labels to show you today.  I hope snow day 2 is more productive and I have some more to share tonight.

lables - army guys, treasure, legos

They were really hard to photograph at night, with little light, and the flash bouncing off of the plastic.  The important part of the storage project is being used and last night he put the legos back in the bucket before going to bed. Yay!