Happy Pres. Day, the party, and the Valentine box

21 02 2011

Happy President’s Day.  I’m enjoying my day off from school with my kids.  I probably should post the surprise birthday party pics, a week later.  It was my MIL’s 60th birthday and I was in charge of frugal decor.  She loves shabby chic so I went with mason jars filled with tissue paper poms.  We used turquoise, red and cream and I made tags for the jars.  It wasn’t the most “done up” party I’ve decorated, but she loved it none the less. I had big tissue paper poms to hang from the ceiling, but when we got there, they told us we couldn’t hang anything from their ceiling, so we laid the poms on the tables instead.

Update on the Valentine box for T4.  He got LAST PLACE.  Yes, they told him he was last.  How horrible for a 2nd grader to be told his box was last.  I was not very happy about the situation. The Lincoln Memorial got first place (what?) so T4 wanted to know if we could make the White House next year.  Too much for a Valentine party in my opinion.  T3 got 2nd place for her Valentine box and she took the locker from last year.  Again I say “what?”  I HATE stupid competitions like that when it’s the parents making the boxes anyway.



3 responses

21 02 2011

Wait…what? We decorated our valentine boxes when I was a kid, but it wasn’t a competition. That’s just…unnecessary and a bit cruel.

21 02 2011

I agree. T4 was such a trooper. He told me he loved it and it didn’t matter, “kids still put Valentine’s in my box.” Don’t you love it when a 7 year old shows more maturity than some adults we know.

21 03 2011

Mandi, you did beautiful crafting for my BD! I loved everything. I have many of the flowers in my dining room with shabby chic table & chairs.

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