snappy top bag tutorial

18 06 2010


I call this a snappy top bag because it makes a snapping sound when it opens and closes.  It uses a metal tape measure for the closure (mine is 3/4 in. and I got it a Dollar General). It’s the perfect size for personal items in a gym bag and my daughter uses it to take her make-up for after a game. I made another one posted here. The bag design is mine, but I saw the metal tape measure idea somewhere else but of course couldn’t find it to give credit.

You need to cut 1 7 x 9 piece for the outside and 1 for the lining.  You will also need to cut 2 pieces 2-3/4 by 7-1/4 in a contrasting fabric. Cut 1 piece of stiffy (my shortcut name for fusible interfacing – relatively stiff) 6-1/2 by 8-1/2 and two pieces 2-1/4 by 6-1/2. (I used some fabric I tie dyed and put a soccer ball on it with a freezer paper stencil)Iron stiffy on the wrong side of the lining fabric, then fold and stitch the lining and outside fabric using 1/4 in seam allowance.Now mark your corner 3/4 in. from sides and 1/2 in. from bottom.Iron seams open, then fold, pin, and sew the corners for lining and outside both.

Turn outside right side out and nest the lining inside, push down at the base from the inside to align the seams. Trim the top of the bag so the lining is even with the outside.Cut the measuring tape 6 in long and wrap the outside with duct tape. I trim the duct tape to make it easier to thread later.

::I have found that duct tape isn’t necessary and it round the edges a bit::

Iron the stiffy onto the remaining pieces.  You will do some pressing with these to make them easier to use later. You will press ONE of the 2-3/4 sides in 1/4 (this should be easy if you cut your stiffy accurately).  Then press the long sides in 1/4 in.  Now fold in the center and press.You will pin and sew this on the top like you would quilt binding.  Open the top piece and pin it to the top of the bag.  When you pin the other side, make sure a pressed edge is on the bottom and the raw edge is on the top. Sew one continuous seam around the edge.

Fold the top over and pin covering the seam allowance on the inside.  Sew on the outside about 1/8 from the original seam (if you go too far in, the tape measure won’t fit); again don’t sew past the outside seam allowance. :: I pin and sew on the outside edge of the bag and I sew all the way around the top edge::

You can now insert the tape measure, numbers to the inside.  It SHOULD slide right in, but I have trouble sometimes – just work with it.

The last part is a bit tricky but it finishes the sides well. Someone might have a better way of doing this – feel free to let me know 🙂 :: If you have overlapped the edges as seen in the updates, this part should not be as tricky::

Insert the unfinished edge into the finished edge and pin.  Sew down the side. :: I use a zig zag stitch in the color of the edge fabric::Your snappy top bag is finished. Enjoy!

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18 06 2010

What a clever tote! coming from F&J : ) happy thursday!

28 08 2010
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1 05 2011
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20 06 2011
Nancy Evans

That bag is sooooo cute and so easy! Thanks

9 08 2011

What a great project! I blogged about your tute here:

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