Taylor Lautner Hair

27 05 2010

T4, the only boy, saw the magazine I bought for T1 & T2, People’s Eclipse edition.  He noticed that the 6 years of Taylor Lautner was indeed Shark Boy (and he’s a fan of Shark Boy, Jacob is just ok).  “Mom, can you make my hair look like his?” I tried, no luck.  T1 took over, still no luck.  We told him his hair was too long.  His response, “you can cut it off, it grows back you know.”

Look at that sad face.  Maybe I’ll put Iron Man on and tell him how much he looks like Tony Stark. No haircut required 🙂

P.S. enjoying my first day of summer break with my kids (until we have to start packing to move!)



One response

5 04 2012

he is soo cute<3

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