wooden bowl band wagon

9 04 2011

Since the moment I saw the wooden bowl at The Speckled Dog I knew I had to make one (or two, or three…) I bought a small salad bowl, a big, I don’t know what it’s used for, bowl and ONE candle stick because that’s all Goodwill had.  I made the small bowl (the Mr. T screwed the top to the candlestick for me) and painted it a fantastic shade of blue. Then I ran across another lady making the bowls at A Turtle’s Life for Me. Ooooh, I HAD to find another candlestick.  Goodwill still had nothing (I think some else has this idea too!) so I went to DAV. SCORE! 49 cents. It’s being painted antique white as we speak, so I will have to post it later with the PB knockoff typeface eggs.  It took me a bit because I needed a more sturdy base than the candlestick had.  I got the little wooden disc at Hobby Lobby for 50 cents.  The fabric carrot were a project from last year.

So I also LOVE the eggs from Pottery Barn AND I knew I could make some of my own AND I found tons of people who had done the same thing.  So I bought some plastic eggs and glued them together and then I found some textured spray paint for plastic. FANTASTIC! They look and feel like real eggs (except for that darn line around the middle that won’t even sand out.) I used my Silhouette and cut the letters out.  Regular vinyl wouldn’t stick so I used some permanent vinyl purchased from Vinyl Expressions and that did the trick.  I can’t wait to see how they look in the big bowl.

I have another 6 to paint, but the wind needs to not blow so hard.

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9 04 2011

Love the bowl & eggs!! I saw the one at The Speckled Dog and loved it too.

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