T2’s bedroom

11 01 2011

We had a snow day today and combined with the weekend (painting for almost 6 hours Saturday) we finished the basement painting and T2’s bedroom. I still need a headboard and artwork above the bed, but she loves it. Tomorrow (because we have another snow day) I will show you T1’s bedroom that we finished today too.

Land of Nod quilt splurge, Target area rugs, bedside table was from an earlier post (we’ve been working on this for a loooong time)

Painted desk (from my Dad)  and Modge Podged mirror ($10 TJ Maxx)

I posted about this project many months ago, a we finally have it hanging on the wall.

Yes, she has a door to the patio in her room.  Not ideal, but we are working with it.

This is the old sofa from our family room and the Hello Kitty body pillow I recovered with a fun towel. Her old room was Hello Kitty themed.

My old cedar chest with T1’s old bedroom quilt folded up on it. You can also see the dry erase board from an earlier project.

Like I said, we’ve been working on this room since before we moved.  Once the headboard and wall art is finished above the bed, she should be complete for awhile.  She loves it and that’s all that matters.

Stay tuned tomorrow for T1’s bedroom.

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11 01 2011
haley davis

Way cute!!

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