I’ve been copied

19 05 2011

And I say that in a good way.  Kristol shared her link to the snappy top teacher bags she made.  How awesome.  She did state in her blog that the last step is a doozy.  I agree. I have found some tricks along the way and I will be updating the tutorial with the tricks I have found to make it better.  Will let you know when I get that done.

Two more days of school and I will be blogging more often, crafting more often, cleaning more often, … I can’t wait!

fabric for projects

8 05 2011

I have wanted some fabric from Moda’s Sunkissed by Sweetwater since before it was released.  When I found the scrappy quilt idea (just like the baby quilts I love to make) I knew I had to get a jelly roll before it was gone.  I ordered it from jellyrolls2go.com (one of the only placed I could find that still had this fabric) and it shipped quickly.  I ordered the backing fabric from the same line at fabric.com, one of my favorite places to order fabric, and it shipped even faster. And since I ordered $35 in fabric, shipping was free.  I got a couple of pieces for my sisters baby boy who will be arriving in September. Check back for the quilt and the stuff for my sisters baby boy (we call him bean.)

Where have I been?

31 03 2011

I’ve been buried in the book series from Janet Evanovich.  My friend gave me One for the Money to read and I was hooked.  Sadly, crafting (and cleaning, and cooking) has been put off while I finish all that has been written. If you want a laugh-out-loud book series (which is being made into a movie) pick this series.   Just don’t read so much that your 7 year old son asks, “so how well do you know Janet?”  I’m just modeling good reading skills, right???

This note is for Carly – no this is not in any way “good” literature–but it sure it funny!

If you’ve read the series I’d like to ask – are you a Ranger or Morelli fan?


13 03 2011

That’s what I am, Lucky! Today I celebrate 18 years with my wonderful husband.

I also wanted to show you my altered letters for my mantel.  I got the letters for LUCK last year at Hobby Lobby but didn’t get the project finished until this year, but when it was finished I thought it needed a Y. The Y is still not done, but I’ll get to it.  I also have the St. Pat’s words paper to download if you would like it for a scrapbook page or letters of your own.  The pattern papers were various free downloads on the web, all of which I have lost the original URL for.

click on image to open a full size printable

click on image to open a full size printable

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Happy 4-0 to the Mr. T

26 02 2011

T1 and T2 are at a church retreat, T3 and T4 are at grandma’s and I’m helping the Mr. T celebrate the big 4-0.  We are taking a day to ourselves, shopping, eating and a movie. (bad iPhone pic)

Happy Pres. Day, the party, and the Valentine box

21 02 2011

Happy President’s Day.  I’m enjoying my day off from school with my kids.  I probably should post the surprise birthday party pics, a week later.  It was my MIL’s 60th birthday and I was in charge of frugal decor.  She loves shabby chic so I went with mason jars filled with tissue paper poms.  We used turquoise, red and cream and I made tags for the jars.  It wasn’t the most “done up” party I’ve decorated, but she loved it none the less. I had big tissue paper poms to hang from the ceiling, but when we got there, they told us we couldn’t hang anything from their ceiling, so we laid the poms on the tables instead.

Update on the Valentine box for T4.  He got LAST PLACE.  Yes, they told him he was last.  How horrible for a 2nd grader to be told his box was last.  I was not very happy about the situation. The Lincoln Memorial got first place (what?) so T4 wanted to know if we could make the White House next year.  Too much for a Valentine party in my opinion.  T3 got 2nd place for her Valentine box and she took the locker from last year.  Again I say “what?”  I HATE stupid competitions like that when it’s the parents making the boxes anyway.

unexpected twist for snow day 4

4 02 2011

I sometimes  have “internal shingles” which can be very painful, but I never break out in the rash.  When I went to the doctor yesterday to get medicine for  it, he also found a lump in my breast.  He told me it felt like a cyst, but he wanted to have it checked.  After two mammograms and a ultrasound, everything was fine.  But, I wanted to blog about it to remind EVERYONE to have your mammogram and catch things early.  They said they found a tiny spot in a 35 year old this week who was having her initial mammogram.  It was caught early and she will most likely be just fine.  I would rather it be caught early!  Go have your mammogram, thank God for when it turns out fine and pray for those who find something.

mammogram paraphernalia


*No crafts to share because I did freak out a little and did NOTHING since my appointment yesterday.  May have something to share later tonight.

JoAnn Fabric App iPhone

29 01 2011

***Update*** The app worked perfectly.  The guy at the store said you could only use the code once, but it didn’t remove it from my coupon list when I used it.  I may try it again, just to see what happens.

While clipping my 50% off coupon, I noticed a “text this number” message at the bottom.  Upon further investigation, I realized you could download a free app for JoAnn’s that would give you the coupon code right on your phone. I didn’t get a chance to use it today, but I plan to try it tomorrow.  I have the paper copy just in case something doesn’t work right. Go check it out.  I’m all about not carrying around the coupons if I don’t have to.

more upcycled bags and the krusty krab

23 01 2011

I made two more upcycled pouches for T2’s friends.  It’s VERY addictive.  I’m thinking single letters for Valentine goodie bags… (maybe too ambitious, we’ll see). Supper tonight was burgers and shakes.  I try to make take-out style food at home every now and then and every time I make burgers and shakes, T4 makes Krusty Krab signs and insists on putting the fixins’ on the burgers just like he was Sponge Bob.  Tonight he made a paper label for his hat as well.  I’m not sure he will look back when he is older and appreciate that I aired his funny creativity 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving & Birthday Gifts for Baylee

25 11 2010

Happy Thanksgiving.  I wish everyone a great day of giving thanks to God for all the blessing in our lives (and some good turkey).

We are taking some pies and a turkey on the road today, but I’m also taking these birthdy gifts for Baylee. Her b-day was earlier this month but we live in different states so we waited until Thanksgiving.  It is the same items I gave her sister Sadi earlier but matching her bedroom colors.  Hope you love them Baylee.

Giving credit: basket pattern – Pink Penguin, Puffy Quilt – Honey Bear Lane