Orphan Gifts and Thankfulness

18 11 2011

Our church has an orphanage in Guatemala and our Sunday School class has adopted the orphans for Christmas. We got a precious little boy named Gabriel who is 6 years old and likes legos and small toy animals. We got him an outfit, some new socks, and some legos and then I made him a marker roll and a little notebook with his name/initial on it them. We are also going to use my Silhouette machine to put their names on all of the backpacks like we did Gabriel’s. I think they will like the personalized gifts. My family will also be putting personal notes to Gabriel even though he speaks Spanish and we don’t. T4 was super excited when I told him we were adopting Gabriel for Christmas. He wanted to know if Gabriel would be here by Christmas. He was a little bummed when he found out that we didn’t actually get to make him part of our family. He told me he would keep praying until we could really adopt Gabriel. Here is part of what we are sending, the marker roll and little notebook. I also have the backpack with Gabriel’s name on it. We will be adding names to the rest of the bags next week and sending our gifts with the mission trip in December.

His favorite colors are green and yellow.

I got the flocked iron on material from Silhouette and the white iron on material came from my favorite Expressions Vinyl.

I also used my Silhouette machine to make an addition to my mantle for Thanksgiving. I have, as always, every intention to sand the edges and glaze a little but it simply hasn’t happened and Christmas goes up next week. It has served its purpose as reminder to give thanks to God for everything!I will sign off by wishing you all a happy Thanksgiving (because the likelihood of another post by then is slim). See you on the flip side.



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