1 11 2011

This past week was crazy: student teacher conferences, a good friends beautiful wedding (pics to come) and Halloween… not to mention that I slightly lost my mind and created a ridiculous costume for my son (but super awesome!) I plan to take down the decorations this evening and get some fall leaves and Thanksgiving going.

Lego man was made out of cardboard and duct tape.  I made the body out of felt and super stiffy.  My math students were “happy” to hear about how I used proportions to scale from the small lego man to T4 size. Lego man was a hit at school and trick-or-treating.  He got more candy than others at some of the houses because they liked his costume.  We did have to take the head off from house to house because little kids would turn to stare and fall down.

T3 decided to be an artist so I cut her mustache and beard out with my silhouette machine. She painted the shirt and put the paint dots on her palette.  T1’s costume – WalMart special, and T2 – no costume (sad) but she hung out at her friends house on the busiest street in the city and handed out candy.

I also made some popcorn covers, using my Frank E. pattern posted earlier. I enlarged the features to fit the popcorn cover.  I love how it turned out.

Now I’m going to sit back and wait for the first snow of the season to fall (scheduled for tomorrow evening).



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9 10 2013
Emily Thompson

oh my! My boys would love the mini-figure costume.. on the list for next year ;o) I came over from the costume link party… I just linked up my boys football player costumes for this year… :o) Emily@nap-timecreations.com

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