Halloween countdown bottle

1 10 2011

I love using wine bottles for crafts and I love chalkboard paint on them.  I decided to use some of the vinyl & ric rac I got from Pick Your Plum to make a little countdown calendar for Halloween.  I was originally going to paint the entire bottle with chalkboard paint and just add vinyl but I had some chalkboard vinyl left over that I purchased at Expressions Vinyl and I liked the green color of the wine bottle, so I ended with the product below.  I also wanted to use my Krylon glitter spray paint that I got last weekend with my 50% off coupon.  I wasn’t sure if the spray paint would stick to the vinyl, but happily it did.  I like how it turned out and now I’m working on another project with this fantastic glitter spray paint (check back hopefully soon.)

  I couldn’t use transfer paper with the vinyl because it wouldn’t stick to the glitter, so I had to stick the letters on one at a time.

I did remove the outside vinyl and weed inside the letters before spraying.  I might try removing the excess vinyl after spraying the next time.I did decide to add the orange around the chalkboard frame once I saw it on my mantle.

I think this fun for T3 & 4 to do each day.  If you want to make one of your own, I used a frame from the Silhouette site and the font is Baby Kruffy. Happy crafting!Sharing creativity at :: Lolly Jane :: Tator Tots & Jello :: Funky Junk Interiors :: Be Different Act Normal :: Design Dazzle Halloween ::



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