another big basket

11 09 2011

I got around to making another big basket (12x12x12) to fill an order. What I forgot to do was make the tutorial as I went.  I do have another order so I’ll try not to for get it the next time.  I used denim for the outside and changed up how I made it a little, putting the stiffy on the lining instead of the outside. I’m still having trouble keeping the band around the top from puckering, but I hope as I make more that works itself out.  This was for a little boy named Xavier and the plan is to use the basket for toys.  I love how the denim works with the bright colors.

For those wanting a tutorial, I will get one done.  I realized I had forgotten about halfway into the project.

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One response

12 09 2011

Yeaaaaaaaa thanks!!! I just love these baskets! I look forward to the next one 🙂

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