bathroom finished! (almost)

11 08 2011

Another project almost marked off the list – T1/2’s bathroom.  We made a little built in unit last summer when we had the tub installed and that was all we did to it.  No baseboard, no trim, not paint, just MDF piled with crap.  With T2’s help, we painted and trimmed the area a few days ago. I also whipped up a little sign for above the toilet. The “almost” in the post happened when I turned around and realized we only have 1 of 3 door frame pieces up.  Oh well, maybe next weekend because I report back to school tomorrow 😦

T2 painting 🙂

I used vinyl from Expressions Vinyl.  They have some frosted vinyl that I used for the soap bubbles.  They ship quickly and have a huge selection of vinyl and they are having a sale right now getting ready for the Silhouette Cameo so check them out!

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11 08 2011


11 08 2011

This is adorable!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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