Zelda and a photo shoot

9 08 2011

As summer wraps up at the Tolen home, we have been getting in some last activities.  T2 has been reading ALOT! She knows homework will be coming soon as a Freshy. She has also been helping the Mr. T get their bathroom finished (pics when finished.)

T3 & T4 decided to use some lego guys and make a Link from Zelda.  This was done completely on their own and WOW! What talent from a 8 & 11 year old. The hair and hat are even removable, sculpted from clay and baked.  They used my craft paint for the outfits and then I sprayed them with a clear sealer.

T1 has been busy with another photo shoot.  The handsome young man will be a senior this year and T1 volunteered to take his pictures.  This was her first sr. pic photo shoot and it turned out great.  I’m only posting a few of the pics but there were SOOO many good ones to choose from.

I really want her to take some pics of the sibs before shool starts, but she made the varsity volleyball team yesterday and still has band camp of an evening so maybe on Saturday….

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4 responses

9 08 2011

I don’t know why, but it makes me so happy that people in northern Missouri say “of an evening.”

11 08 2011

My Central CA friend noticed that too!

12 08 2011

The funny part is that I’m from central MO and I live in NW MO now. My whole family is from up here, though, so I’ve heard it my whole life! It still makes me smile, though.

11 08 2011

Great job, Tessa!

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