turning 1

7 08 2011

Remember this cute rag quilt I made for a beautiful baby?  Well that baby is turning 1 and my cousin asked if I would make her a personalized onesie. I have done this before but was excited to use the silhouette to cut out the fabric.  It worked quite well although I’m not sure it saves tons of time and I don’t like the fabric waste.  My issue came when I began to sew it to the onesie.  It was skipping stitches and not feeding properly, yet I pressed on.  The onesie is OK, disappointed on my end.  It should have arrived in the mail yesterday so I hope to hear from them soon and she promised pics of the birthday with her tutu on.

My wonderful mom came to visit yesterday and I was telling her about taking my machine for service.  She convinced me to tear it apart myself and do it. So, the Mr. T and I worked on it last night.  It sings to me now-what a difference.  I’m thankful for the wisdom of my mama who saved me $65 and a week and a half without a sewing machine.



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11 08 2011

Very nice work!

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