5 06 2011

We bought some of these

at the store yesterday.  We ate some for a snack last night while playing Monopoly.  When I got up this morning, some of them had some moldy spots.  Well, when you pay for cherries, ya’ don’t want them to mold.  I love cherry pie, but it isn’t the Mr. T’s favorite.  I love scones and, well I guess I didn’t care if it was anyone’s favorite, I decided to find a cherry scone recipe.  I found it at CC Recipe, a mother/daughter website.  They are DELICIOUS! Flaky, light, and do you see that fantastic black Fiesta plate?  49 cents at Goodwill and I got 4 of them. YES!  This recipe is a keeper. It didn’t lighten it any, full butter and cream, so even though it’s a keeper, it’s a not very often scone.



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