baby gift

3 06 2011

I delivered a meal and baby gift to friends  in our Sunday School class today.  We’re running out of pregnant ladies to make baskets for (sad face) but my sister is expecting so lots of fun boy stuff to make for her (happy face.)  I usually make a burp cloth, but I gave her one at her shower and I wanted to try my hand at a vinyl name block.  It turned out o.k.  The dots were too stark against the bronze block.  I didn’t get to deliver the block however, because the darn Silhouette vinyl wouldn’t stick.  Now I usually buy my vinyl from Expressions Vinyl and have not been disappointed.  The vinyl I used for the dots came in my Silhouette package and simply doesn’t stick.  This isn’t the first project I’ve had trouble with. Maybe I don’t know exactly what this vinyl is for (it’s a matte finish off white) because I haven’t her anyone else having trouble with their vinyl.  Anyway, I’ll be making her a new block with vinyl I know will work.

For the record, they have a super cute baby too! I didn’t hold her because I’m coming off of six days of laryngitis, but the Mr. T did.

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3 06 2011
Jenny Binder

Wow, that is SUPER cute!! Don’t despair, I know of a couple of ladies in our class that are expecting. Kelly is one, the other I’m not sure is “public” news yet…I found out by accident. 😉

3 06 2011
Jenny Binder

Btw, Mandi, i think you might be my soulmate…or my hero or something. 🙂

3 06 2011

We need to get together and craft. It’s more fun with company!

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