a dresser for T3

4 09 2010

The new house has nice walk in closets, but much less floor space.  She now has to store her toys in the closet as well as her clothes and there isn’t quite enough room.  She has always had shelves and hanging space with her bed drawers sufficing for what needed to be stored. Nana had a dresser she was willing to give us.  With some elbow grease stripping, sanding and painting, T3 has a very usable dresser now.  The knobs are from Hobby Lobby and the drawer liners (pic coming soon) will be freezer paper and used dryer sheets, because the drawers are old and kinda smell old.

The dresser had at least 3 layers of paint on it, one with a crackle finish. I used citrus strip and had to use and entire container, but it worked well.

She picked out the knobs, the ones on the bottom matching the knobs we got for her bedside table.  You can see some artwork still on the floor…her bedroom isn’t finished either.  I want soooo bad the show you the room, so maybe this long weekend will be enough time.



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16 09 2010

Great Job!

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