Vitatop Muffins

25 06 2010

I’m working on a few (too many) projects and packing to move.  Hope to have some of these projects posted shortly.  Until then I wanted to share one of my favorite breakfast or morning snack foods.  Vitatops.  They are made by the Vitalicious company and have tons of flavors as well as full muffins, brownies and coffee.  My favorites are double chocolate, and fudgy peanut butter chip. Some stores carry them, but I find that ordering online is cheaper than my local grocery. They contain 50% of the RDA for a lot of vitamins (check the stats at the site) and they only have 100 calories.

Sorry for the small image.  I copied it from their site because I forgot to take a pic of mine before I ate it 🙂

Some sites on the internet ( offer coupon codes when you order.  Check it out. I LOVE THESE MUFFIN TOPS!



One response

25 06 2010


My name is Dave and I work with Vitalicious on the social media side. I came across your posting and wanted to thank you for making VitaTops part of your daily routine! Make sure to say hi anytime on Facebook or Twitter (@VitaMuffin).

Have a Vital and Delicious Day!

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