Oven mitts & a house

13 06 2010

I finished my oven mitts and love them.  I used the pattern from The Idea Room changing just a few things. I’ve shown them to a few people and they want some too. I’ll have more to post with my kitchen set later. The fabric I’m using for my kitchen set is Mod Kitchen at Fabric.comOn to the house portion of my post.  We are moving, SOON and hadn’t found a house yet.  Fitting 4 kids into a house can be a challenge and our new jobs start the first of August.  We finally made an offer on a house yesterday and they accepted.  I am busy sewing for our new rooms, the kids want new bedding, etc. so hopefully within the next few months I will have new rooms to post.  Here is a picture of the outside of our soon to be new house.



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