Valentine’s Day Thoughts

24 01 2010

We have started working on our Valentines at the Tolen home and we found our inspiration from some of our favorite blogs. I have ALWAYS created wrappers for popcorn valentines; since my first daughter was in Kindergarten, this has been our thing.  This year they ALL wanted something different. T4 chose cocoa sliders with marshmallows (because marshmallows are his favorite thing in the world.)  Our inspiration came from Kerry’s Paper Craft Blog. She has a great tutorial on how to create them. T3’s pillow boxes came from this site as well.  We plan to fill ours with mini pencils, erasers and pen bracelets (from Oriental Trading).  If we have time, she may make paper clip bookmarks too. My 7th & 8th grade daughters wanted something more fun so we are making love potion and cupid poop. As T2 (7th grade) said, If cupid drops his arrow then we will need the love potion (check back for the cupid poop to see why she says this.) We took our inspiration for the bottles from Love Manor. I will be posting pictures of each project as we complete them so check back.



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